“Unsolved Halloween Murder: Adams County seeks justice”

The Tragic Story of Dillon Bueno: A Halloween Nightmare

A Family in Search of Answers

For the last eight years, the Bueno family’s Halloween celebrations have been anything but celebratory. In 2015, their son Dillon Bueno was killed, and they are still struggling to come to terms with the loss. “It’s ruined our family, it really has,” said Dillon’s mother, Lucy Bueno. “Not getting any answers.”

The family is still looking for answers as to what happened that night. Dillon’s father, Leo Bueno, and Lucy sat down with CBS News Colorado inside the Adams County patrol substation while holding photos and wearing a shirt with their son’s face on it.

The Life of Dillon Bueno

Dillon Bueno was a vibrant young man, always cracking jokes and bringing people out of their sadness. He was known for his kindness and willingness to help anyone. “He would take the shirt off of his back for a person,” said Lucy.

On Halloween night of 2015, Dillon was killed on his parents’ driveway. He walked out to get more Halloween candy out of his car when three male suspects wearing all-black Halloween-type costumes and with their faces covered approached him. They demanded he hand over any valuables, but Dillon refused. “We heard two pop pops, and then his friend came in and she said, ‘call 911, Dillon’s been shot,'” said Lucy.

According to the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, they believe one of these suspects shot and killed Dillon, but to this day no one has been arrested in connection with the murder.

Searching for Answers

Since the murder, the family has been searching for answers and praying for justice. Leads dwindled over the years, but hope has been renewed as two new detectives have taken over the murder case in the last two years, working in conjunction with the family and going back through all the old leads while looking at new ones.

“They’ve been looking for answers for a long time and they deserve that,” said Sgt. Adam Sherman with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.

Lucy says she cannot imagine anyone wanting to kill her son. “Everyone went to Dillon when they had problems. He’d always tell them keep your head up, just keep pushing forward. Those were his big words. Keep your head up. Keep pushing forward.”

Pushing for Justice

Nearly eight years after Dillon’s death, the Bueno family is still pushing themselves forward towards finally getting answers. As another anniversary approaches, they are making a plea for justice. “We’re just begging for them to come forward because Dillon didn’t deserve this. He had so many plans in life, and it’s just really hard for us,” said Lucy.

This story is a reminder that justice must always be sought, no matter how much time passes. Dillon’s tragic death should not be forgotten, and the family should receive the closure and answers they deserve.

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