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Milwaukee Family Reunites with Lost Dog After Five Years

A family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is overjoyed to have their beloved dog back in their arms after he went missing five years ago. Marley, an 11-year-old party poodle, ran out of the house in September 2018 and vanished. Despite the family’s efforts to search for their beloved pet, they were unsuccessful in finding him. However, after a miraculous turn of events at a picnic in June 2023, their daughter spotted Marley with another family, and he was returned to his rightful owners after a legal battle.

A Miracle Happens: Marley Returns Home

“Marley is our family. He’s not a dog. He’s our son,” said Leola Voegtline, Marley’s owner. The Voegtlines called it making up for lost time as they enjoyed some one-on-one time with their furry family member. The family had searched for Marley everywhere, including sending out flyers and going door-to-door. But after five long years, their daughter spotted Marley while he was out for a walk with another family.

Wisconsin Humane Society on Microchipping

While Marley’s story had a happy ending, it is an excellent reminder for pet owners to consider microchipping their furry friends. The Wisconsin Humane Society recommends that all pets have a microchip implanted as it can help reunite lost pets with their owners quickly. Microchips are not GPS devices but are digital numbers that contain contact information and can be scanned at an animal shelter or veterinary clinic. Had Marley been microchipped, the legal battle to regain custody of their beloved furry family member could have been avoided.

Don’t Give Up Hope of Finding Missing Pets

The Voegtlines never gave up hope of finding Marley. They searched for him for five long years, never thinking they would see him again. It’s a beautiful reminder to never give up hope when searching for a lost pet. Wisconsin state law requires that people who find a lost animal must take it to a certified shelter, so it’s essential to keep this in mind if you ever come across a stray animal.

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