“Lost Pup Reunites with Joyful Family After 5 Years”

Family Reunited with Beloved Dog after Five Years

A family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is rejoicing after their dog, Marley, was returned to them five years after he went missing. Leola and John Voegtline consider Marley as part of their family, describing him as their son instead of just a pet. They almost lost hope of ever seeing him again, but a miracle happened in June 2023 when their daughter spotted Marley while attending a picnic. The dog was with another family who had been taking care of him. It took a legal battle before the Voegtlines regained custody of Marley, since he was not microchipped.

The Importance of Microchipping

The Wisconsin Humane Society recommends having pets microchipped as it helps reunite them with their owners once they get lost. A microchip contains a unique ID number that can be scanned, revealing the contact information of the pet’s owners. If Marley was microchipped, the legal battle they went through could have been avoided as it would have been easier to trace his owners. The Voegtlines regret not having Marley microchipped, and they hope their experience serves as a lesson to other pet owners.

Wisconsin State Law on Stray Animals

Leola Voegtline reminded everyone about Wisconsin’s state law regarding stray pets. If you find a lost dog or cat, you must take it to a certified shelter. This is to ensure that the pet is well taken care of while efforts are made to reunite it with its owner. The Voegtlines emphasized the importance of never losing hope of finding a missing pet, as in their case, it took five long years before they were reunited with Marley.

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