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The Impact of New Legislation on Veterans in New York

New laws to support our veterans

Governor Kathy Hochul recently signed several bills into law aimed at improving the lives of veterans, ahead of Veterans Day. The new legislation aims to provide resources and support to New York’s veterans and their families, recognising the heroism and sacrifice of these brave individuals.

Measures to help veterans

The bills aim to increase the support already available to veterans in New York, including:

Expanded access to property tax benefits for veterans
Increased access to services and support for women veterans
Creation of a study to evaluate the mental health impact of military training
Creation of a pilot program to provide peer-to-peer support for veterans impacted by opioid addiction

Support from the Department of Veterans’ Services

In addition to these new measures, veterans in New York can find additional support through the state Department of Veterans’ Services. Established in 1945, this agency serves as the state’s advocacy agency for veterans, service members, and military families. The department’s programs and services include:

Claims services to help veterans navigate government benefits processes
Counseling and therapy services to address mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Employment and job training services to help veterans transition to civilian life
Support for housing and homelessness prevention

Why we owe it to our veterans

Our veterans have made tremendous sacrifices to serve our country, risking their lives to protect our freedom and way of life. By providing the necessary resources and support, we can help veterans to succeed and thrive in civilian life. The new legislation is a significant step in the right direction, and we must continue to prioritize the needs of our veterans and their families.

The debt we owe to our veterans

It is important to recognize the sacrifices made by our veterans and the debt of gratitude that we owe them. As a society, we must work to ensure that they are not forgotten or left behind, but rather are given the support and resources that they need and deserve. By doing so, we can honor their service and ensure that they are able to live fulfilling and successful lives beyond their time in the military.

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