New House Speaker’s LGBTQ views scrutinized

Rep. Mike Johnson’s Views on LGBTQ Rights


Rep. Mike Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, has been in the news lately due to his elevation to Speaker of the House. However, his views on LGBTQ rights have come under scrutiny, and he has been criticized by LGBTQ advocacy groups and even members of his own party. Let’s take a closer look at his past comments and actions regarding same-sex marriage and LGBTQ rights.


Prior to joining Congress in 2017, Johnson worked as an attorney and spokesperson for the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal group that has been labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group has fought against same-sex marriage, banned transgender people from using restrooms that align with their gender, and blocked efforts to legalize same-sex marriage.

Comments on Same-Sex Marriage

Johnson has made several comments suggesting same-sex marriage could lead to people marrying their pets, and they have been called “dangerous” for LGBTQ rights. In 2004, he wrote an editorial in which he suggested that legalizing same-sex marriage could lead to the redefinition of marriage for other groups, including polygamists, pedophiles, and people who want to marry their pets. He has also called same-sex marriage a “dark harbinger of chaos.”

Views on LGBTQ Rights

Kelley Robinson, president of the Human Rights Campaign, has called Johnson “the most anti-equality Speaker in U.S. history.” He has been accused of expressing disdain for the LGBTQ+ community and introducing legislation that seeks to erase them from society. Johnson has also been criticized for suing the city of New Orleans in 2003 on behalf of the Alliance Defense Fund over a local law that gave health care benefits to the partners of gay city workers.

Legislative Efforts

During his time in Congress, Johnson introduced the Marriage and Conscience Act, which critics argued would allow people to discriminate against same-sex married couples. He has also sponsored the Stop the Sexualization of Children Act, which aimed to prohibit the instruction of sexual orientation, gender identity, and “transgenderism,” among other topics, for children under the age of 10.


Johnson’s elevation to Speaker of the House has been met with criticism from LGBTQ advocacy groups, members of the LGBTQ community, and even some members of his own party. While his views on LGBTQ rights are largely in line with mainstream Republican ideals, they are more vocal in their opposition to LGBTQ rights. His past comments and legislative efforts have been called dangerous for LGBTQ rights and could have serious implications for the community.

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