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Suspected Perpetrator of Maine Mass Shooting Found Dead

On Friday night, Maine Governor Janet Mills announced that Robert Card, the suspected perpetrator of the mass shooting that left 18 people dead and 13 others wounded in Lewiston, Maine, had been found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. The two-day manhunt for Card resulted in residents being forced to shelter in place, businesses and government offices temporarily closing, and law enforcement agencies scouring several towns for the alleged killer. The suspect’s body was located in Lisbon Falls near the Androscoggin River.

Relief and Condolences from Maine Officials

During a late-night press conference, Governor Mills expressed relief that “Robert Card is no longer a threat to anyone.” She also thanked first responders and informed President Biden and other federal elected officials of the suspect’s death. The governor offered condolences to the families affected by the tragic incident and reminded people that “now is a time to heal.”

The state’s Department of Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuck confirmed that Card’s body was located in Lisbon Falls near the Androscoggin River. Sauschuck praised the efforts of law enforcement officials involved in the manhunt to prevent the loss of more innocent lives.

The Impact of the Shooting on Lewiston

Governor Mills described Lewiston as a “close-knit community of fine people, people with a long history, a history of hard work, of persistence, of faith, of opening its big heart to people everywhere.” The shooting left the community in shock and fear, resulting in a shelter-in-place order that was lifted earlier in the evening after law enforcement found Card’s body. The town and surrounding areas are now safe, and officials have lifted previously instated prohibitions on hunting in four towns, including Lewiston.

Continued Investigation and Recovery of Evidence

The investigation into the mass shooting continues, with law enforcement officials collecting evidence and investigating various tips and leads from around the community. Investigators were drafting affidavits for digital media, including phones and computers, and officials used various aerial maps to highlight areas that investigators plan to search, including the Androscoggin River near where Card’s white Subaru was found. Multiple state teams of divers use sonar and other technologies to check for evidence.

Democratic Representative Chellie Pingree, who represents Maine’s First District next to Lewiston, spoke with U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday about federal officers being sent into the area, including the team that helped locate the Boston Marathon bomber.


The mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, left a community in shock and fear, but the news of the suspect’s death brings closure and relief. The investigations continue, and law enforcement agencies will continue to collect evidence and search for answers to help understand the events of this week. As we mourn the loss of life in this tragedy, we must also look for ways to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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