Kildee’s New Funding Boost for Mid-Michigan Law Enforcement

Congressman Dan Kildee Announces Federal Funding for Flint Township Police Department

Congressman Dan Kildee has recently announced that the Flint Township Police Department will receive a federal grant of $140,848 to aid in crime reduction and public safety. The grant, awarded through the U.S. Justice Department’s Justice Assistance Grant Program, will provide the local police department with the necessary funds to obtain important equipment, such as police vehicles, computer hardware, and in-car video systems. Furthermore, it will provide advanced training, critical to improving the effectiveness of the police force in their efforts to serve their community.

Aiding Law Enforcement Agencies

This new grant is the latest effort Congressman Kildee has made to increase funding for local law enforcement agencies. Just last month, he delivered $4.3 million to nine local agencies. In May, he introduced the Invest to Protect Act, a bipartisan bill that would provide increased funds to mid-Michigan police departments to not only purchase necessary equipment but also recruit and retain officers and secure mental health resources for officers. The Congressman has consistently fought to bring the resources and funding necessary to support local law enforcement, who are putting their lives at risk daily to ensure the safety of their communities.

Praise for Congressman Kildee

“Flint Township law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day to keep our community safe. I’m proud to have secured this federal funding to help Flint Township secure the equipment they need to prevent crime and stay safe while on duty,” said Congressman Kildee. Chief Kevin R. Salter of the Flint Township Police Department praised Kildee for securing the funds, stating, “In our budget-strapped community, every dollar counts and this will improve our ability to provide even better police service to our citizens.”

A Boost to Crime Reduction and Public Safety

This grant will prove to be essential to the Flint Township Police Department in their efforts in crime reduction and improving public safety. The funds will allow departments to purchase important equipment and provide advanced training. This will not only enhance their abilities to serve and protect the community but also increase the safety of officers while on duty. The continuing efforts of Congressman Kildee to increase funding and resources allocated to local law enforcement reflect his commitment to the safety of his constituents.

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