Trump’s Lawyers Push for Mistrial in New York Civil Fraud Case Over Judge’s Alleged Bias

Trump's Lawyers Push for Mistrial in New York Civil Fraud Case Over Judge's Alleged Bias

Opinion Editorial: Mistrial Motion in Donald Trump Fraud Case

Mistrial Motion in Donald Trump Fraud Case


Lawyers for Donald Trump filed a mistrial motion in the New York civil fraud case that could potentially damage the former president’s real estate empire. The lawyers claimed that the presiding judge, Arthur Engoron, had demonstrated “tangible and overwhelming” bias that has irreparably compromised Trump’s right to a fair trial. The lawyers cited the judge’s numerous rulings against their client and the prominent role played by the Judge’s chief law clerk, Allison Greenfield, as evidence of the judge’s alleged bias. The attorney general of New York, Letitia James, is leading the lawsuit that accuses Trump of exaggerating the worth of his company by billions of dollars. The figures were allegedly used to secure loans and negotiate deals with banks and other entities.

Mistrial Motion

Trump’s lawyers urged Judge Engoron to end the case immediately, claiming that the judge had demonstrated “astonishing departures from ordinary standards of impartiality.” They pointed to Engoron’s previous rulings against their client, his gag order against Trump, and the pretrial ruling that could force Trump to hand over control of some of his high-value assets. Trump and his lawyers have raised concerns about Engoron’s allegedly biased conduct for over a month, culminating in their 30-page court filing seeking a mistrial.

Response from the Attorney General’s Office

The Attorney General’s office vowed to continue to present the truth and the facts, stating that the numbers and evidence against Trump and his associates do not lie. The office pointed out that Trump is being held accountable for the years of fraud he committed and the incredible ways he lied to enrich himself and his family. James and her team are seeking more than $300 million in damages and want the defendants to be banned from operating their businesses in New York. James accused Trump of committing fraud and exaggerating his net worth to secure loans and make deals that ultimately brought in ill-gotten gains for him and his associates.

Judge Engoron Rules on the Mistrial

Engoron mentioned the mistrial motion only briefly in court on Wednesday, as Trump’s defense lawyers continue to call witnesses. Engoron is presiding over a bench trial; New York law does not permit a jury for this type of lawsuit. He gave James’s team until Thursday to respond to the mistrial motion before he rules. Last week, Engoron had rejected a request from the defense to end the trial through a “directed verdict.”


The Trump fraud case is ongoing, and the legal drama surrounding the suit continues to unfold. The mistrial motion is yet another chapter in the story, as Trump’s lawyers attempt to convince Judge Engoron of their claim that the proceedings have been tainted by the judge’s bias. As the trial continues, the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not a verdict will be reached and whether Donald Trump and his associates will be held accountable for their alleged financial misdeeds.

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