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How a Tragic Childhood Shaped One Divorce Lawyer’s Purpose

A Scene of Horror

“Run downstairs and get the gun.” These were the words that Charla Strawser, then only 12 years old, heard moments before her mother, Ann, was shot and killed by her father, Charles Butler Poe, in Johnson City, TN. Her father, mistaken for a burglar, aimed his sawed-off shotgun through the sliding glass door and blasted it at her mother. Ann fell at the feet of her two children – Charla and her brother – dead.

From Tragedy to Purpose

For Charla, the murder of her mother was a turning point in her life. Despite the trauma and pain that it had caused, it propelled her to start her own family law office that’s led by women. As a divorce lawyer, her goal is to help families navigate through the divorce process with patience and ease, so that no child would have to experience what she went through.

Charla’s dedication to her work shows in her recognitions. She has been listed on Atlanta Magazine’s Super Lawyers since 2006, Georgia Trend Magazine’s Legal Elite, and LawDragon’s Top 500 Family Law Attorneys in the U.S.

The Contention and Abusive Reality of Living with Her Father

The murder of Ann, Charla’s mother, occurred not long after she filed for a divorce. The divorce filed by Ann was born out of the contentious and abusive reality of living with her husband, Charles. The situation was made worse when Ann walked away from the marriage without finacial support, claiming that she only wanted her two kids.

Charla and her brother moved in with Ann’s sister, who, despite having no previous parenting experience, took it upon herself to raise the kids. She even made sure they were enrolled in classes as soon as possible, despite the tragedy they experienced.

The Long Battle for Justice

Charla and her brother were vigilant in ensuring that their father did not escape justice and served the sentence he deserved. They testified against their father in every one of his parole hearings. Despite this, Charles was eventually released from prison and died in November, 2020.

Turning Tragedy into a Career of Advocacy

As a divorce lawyer, Charla is dedicated to standing up for the rights of victims and making sure that their voices are heard in the legal process. Her personal experience has given her a unique perspective on the law and what it takes to be a successful lawyer. She hopes to continue helping victims of family conflict for many years to come.

Closing Thoughts

Charla’s story is a powerful reminder that even in the darkest of times, hope can still shine through. She has taken the tragedy of her past and turned it into a purpose-driven career in which she helps families navigate through the challenges of divorce proceedings. Her accomplishments in her field show that she is more than capable of achieving this goal and making a positive impact on the lives of many.

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