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The Rising Popularity of Prenups: Protecting Finances and Avoiding Divorce Battles

The Growing Trend of Signing Prenups

In the past, prenuptial agreements were considered only for the wealthy. But now, a growing number of Americans from all walks of life are signing these contracts before tying the knot. According to a Harris Poll report from 2022, 15 percent of U.S. adults surveyed said they have signed a prenup, up from just 3 percent in 2010. Even more striking is that 35 percent of unmarried people said they were likely to sign a prenup in the future.

Experts suggest that the trend reflects a desire for financial security and protection among the younger generation. Many have experienced significant rates of student debt and high inflation, making decisions about home buying and marriage even more complex. The average age of marriage has also shifted, with couples waiting until they are at least somewhat established before getting married and starting a family.

The Purpose of a Prenup

While a prenuptial agreement is not a fun topic to contemplate, it is an essential tool to protect your financial future. Couples who enter into a prenuptial agreement are creating a mutual arrangement that outlines who gets what in the event of a divorce. It’s a layer of protection and mutual agreement between two individuals, ensuring that both parties are financially safe in case things go wrong.

Matt Furman, who runs the dating service Connection Copilot, believes that divorce is now so common that couples must protect themselves with a prenuptial agreement. It helps prevent the legal hassle that arises during a divorce and puts both parties at great financial risk if they do not have one. Tim Connon, the founder of Tennessee-based ParamountQuote Insurance Advisors, decided on a prenup with his wife because of their biblical beliefs in which a woman has no right to claim a man’s property under any circumstance.

The Benefits of Signing a Prenup

A primary reason for signing a prenup is to protect assets in the event of divorce. Without a prenup, your assets may be left entirely at the mercy of the courts, as judges will divide property according to applicable laws. These laws can vary from state to state, so it’s essential to have a formal agreement to protect both parties.

Additionally, prenups can help clarify financial expectations and promote a healthy approach to discussing finances. It creates a mutual understanding that can prevent unnecessary conflict during marriage or divorce. Suppose one partner comes into the relationship with substantial assets, debt, or other financial obligations. In that case, a prenup can provide a secure framework in which finances are protected.

Prenups and Changing Attitudes

While prenups were once seen negatively, attitudes are changing. Contracts like prenups are becoming less of a lack of trust and more of a tool for clarity and mutual understanding. The trend toward prenups reflects a growing desire for financial security among the younger generation.

In the future, relationships are expected to become more fluid and less bound by traditional norms. The emphasis will be on mutual respect, understanding, and personal growth. As such, prenups will be viewed less skeptically and more as a positive way to ensure financial stability and prevent legal controversies.


While a prenuptial agreement is challenging to reconcile emotionally, it’s an essential step towards ensuring financial safety and clarity, leaving little room for misunderstandings and conflicts during a divorce. The younger generation is leading a trend of signing prenups, promoting healthier financial discussions, and creating protective agreements that cater to significant financial investments, assets, debt obligations, and retirement accounts.

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