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Insurance Company Can Pursue Subrogation Damages Against Engineering Firm

A state appellate panel has ruled that an insurer can pursue subrogation damages against an engineering firm for flooding at a school construction site. The insurance company, Zurich American Insurance Company, sued the engineering firm after City Colleges of Chicago suffered damages due to flooding at a construction site. The trial court had previously ruled in the engineering firm’s favor, but the appellate court found that the insurance company meets the prerequisites for equitable subrogation and can pursue debts for damages on behalf of the City Colleges. Justice Nathaniel R. Howse delivered the judgment of the court with opinion.

Illinois Supreme Court Revives Personal Injury Suit

The Illinois Supreme Court has revived a personal injury lawsuit, allowing a woman to sue a defendant’s special representative after the statute of limitations ran out. The woman only learned of the defendant’s death after the statute of limitations had passed, but the Supreme Court has allowed her to sue the representative in his place. This decision has significant implications for the way personal injury cases are handled in Illinois.

Little Progress Made on Major Initiatives at Illinois Legislative Session

After three days of legislative session in Springfield, Illinois lawmakers have made little progress on several major initiatives. The lack of progress is due to political gridlock and disagreement on key issues. This is yet another example of the difficulties that elected officials face when trying to implement major policy changes.

FTX Founder Testifies at New York Trial

The founder of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, testified at his New York trial on Friday, denying that he defrauded anyone but acknowledging that his business ended up hurting customers instead of moving the cryptocurrency ecosystem forward. This trial highlights the challenges that innovators face when trying to create new businesses and promote innovation in emerging industries.

Judge Rules Insurance Company Not Required to Pay Damages in Case of Adulteration

A federal judge has ruled that an insurance company is not required to pay damages to a policyholder who was sued for supplying a customer with adulterated oral rinse solutions. The policyholder suffered tens of millions of dollars in damages as a result of the lawsuit, but the judge found that the insurance company had no obligation to cover those damages. This case illustrates the importance of carefully assessing risk and being prepared for unexpected legal challenges as a business owner.

Suspect in Maryland Judge’s Murder Found Dead

A man suspected of killing a Maryland judge has been found dead after a weeklong manhunt. The judge had ruled against the suspect in a divorce case, and the murder shocked the rural community where it occurred. This tragic event underscores the importance of judicial security and the need to protect judges who face threats as a result of their work.

Google Executive Testifies About Company’s Success

A top Google executive testified about the company’s success, highlighting the precarious nature of their product and the leadership’s fear that it could slide into irrelevance with younger internet users. This testimony sheds light on the unique challenges that tech companies face when trying to stay relevant and retain their market position.

Chicago Federal Bar Association Offers Membership Deal

The Chicago chapter of the Federal Bar Association is offering a two-for-the-price-of-one deal to new members. This offer was announced during the group’s annual luncheon, where Timothy A. Hudson was installed as the chapter’s new president. This move highlights the importance of professional organizations and the role they play in supporting attorneys and promoting legal excellence.

New House Speaker Inherits Political Problems

The new speaker of the House, Republican Mike Johnson, inherits many of the same political problems that have plagued past GOP leaders. This includes challenges related to policy implementation, political gridlock, and the whims of the electorate. This highlights the difficulties that elected officials face when trying to implement major policy changes in a constantly shifting political landscape.

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