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Illinois Supreme Court Revives Personal Injury Suit

The Illinois Supreme Court has revived a personal injury lawsuit in which a woman sued a defendant’s special representative despite the narrowing window for filing a lawsuit due to the statute of limitations. The suit, which had been brought by Jamie Lichter, concerns an accident she faced when the defendant rear-ended her vehicle. The high court ruled that the original court erred in dismissing the suit and confirmed that the lawsuit is not time-barred.

FTX Founder Testifies at New York Trial

The founder of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, testified at his trial in New York denying defrauding anyone and acknowledging the potential harm caused to customers by his business. He claimed to have had good intentions initially, seeking to move cryptocurrency forward, but admitted that things went wrong, and customers suffered instead.

Appellate Panel Revives Insurer’s Lawsuit Seeking Damages

An appellate panel has revived an insurer’s lawsuit seeking subrogation damages related to flooding at a school construction site. The damages are being claimed against an engineering firm which had provided services to the school.

Federal Judge Rules in Adulterated Oral Rinse Solution Suit

A federal judge has ruled that an insurance company is not required to pay any damages arising from a policyholder who was sued for supplying adulterated oral rinse solutions. The policyholder had suffered tens of millions of dollars in damages.

Suspected Killer of Maryland Judge Found Dead

The man suspected of killing the Maryland judge who ruled against him in a divorce case was found dead in a heavily wooded area. The manhunt for him lasted a week and shook the local rural community.

Google Executive Testifies at Hearing

A top Google executive testified that the company’s success is precarious, revealing that its leadership fears that their product could slide into irrelevance with younger internet users.

Chicago Lawyers Get Two-for-One Deal with FBA Membership

Joining the Federal Bar Association’s Chicago chapter will give lawyers a two-for-the-price-of-one deal. This was revealed during the annual luncheon of the Union League Club at which the new chapter president, Timothy A. Hudson of Tabet DiVito & Rothstein LLC was installed.

Mike Johnson Becomes Speaker of the House

Mike Johnson, the Republican ally of Donald Trump, has become the new speaker of the House. However, he inherits many of the same political problems that have plagued past GOP leaders and eventually forced them out of office.

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