California teen killed in Las Vegas DUI accident.

California teen hit, killed in southwest Las Vegas; driver faces DUI charge

Teenage Boy Killed in DUI Crash While on Family Vacation

A family vacation turned into a nightmare for the Tecpa family when Isaiah Tecpa, 18, was hit and killed in a tragic crash by a driver facing a DUI charge. The incident occurred near Arby Avenue on South Las Vegas Boulevard just before 1 a.m. on Friday, October 20. Isaiah was crossing Las Vegas Boulevard outside of a marked or implied crosswalk when he was hit.

Suspected Driver Faces DUI Charge

The driver, Christopher Thompson, 37, remained at the scene of the accident but showed signs of impairment, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan police. He was arrested at the scene of the crash and later charged with a DUI. Under Nevada law, the driver is generally not at fault when a pedestrian is hit outside of a crosswalk.

Family Mourns Loss

The Tecpa family, who were visiting from California and staying at Tahiti Village Resort, were left devastated after the incident. “We all saw my son at the time of the accident,” said Arleen Alarcon, Isaiah’s mother. “This is something a family should not have to deal with, and we are going to be forever traumatized.”

Isaiah’s death is a tragedy for the family and marks the 121st traffic-related fatality in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s jurisdiction for the year 2023. The Clark County Coroner ruled his death an accident.

Fighting for Pedestrian Safety

The Tecpa family is now working with the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving to change pedestrian safety laws. Arleen said she’s fighting to make sure her son’s death is not in vain. “Pedestrians’ lives, whether or not they were in a crosswalk, should matter,” Arleen said. A cross, flowers, and candles lay near the scene where Isaiah Tecpa passed.

Remembering Isaiah

Isaiah’s sister, Arianna Tecpa, tearfully remembers her brother. “He had his whole life ahead of him, he didn’t deserve this,” she said. “He loved music, he was an amazing dad, and it is hard to go through this because someone selfishly decided to get behind the wheel and drive.”

Investigation Ongoing

The crash remains under investigation. The family set up a GoFundMe to cover funeral expenses.

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