Supermodel Arrested for Fighting Officer After DUI Crash in Valencia

The Arrest of a Vogue Model for Drunk Driving and Assault on an Officer


On a recent day, officers responding to a traffic incident on the 5 Freeway encountered a combative and aggressive driver, Emily Danielle Miller. The Virginia native and model was subsequently arrested for DUI and assaulting a peace officer. While Miller may be recognized from the fashion industry, she now faces legal troubles that may affect her career trajectory and personal life.

The Incident

According to CHP incident logs, officers found a silver Mercedes Benz partially obstructing a lane on the 5 Freeway. The driver, Emily Danielle Miller, was immediately uncooperative when questioned by the officers on site. Her behavior quickly escalated into aggression and physical altercation with a peace officer, leading to her arrest. She was booked for misdemeanor charges and taken into custody at the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Department. While no injuries arose from this incident, it highlights the dangers of DUI and the need to remain compliant and cooperative with law enforcement officials.

The Model’s Background and Career

Emily Danielle Miller is an up-and-coming model who has received international recognition for her work in the fashion industry. She has been featured in multiple editions of Vogue magazine and has partnered with major luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Additionally, she has a prolific TikTok channel where she frequently posts lipsync videos. However, her recent brush with the law may dampen her burgeoning career and personal life as both her professional reputation and personal image are at stake.

The Case in Review

The legal case surrounding Emily Danielle Miller remains precarious, as her arrest and the subsequent charges against her could have a serious impact on her life. Being charged and convicted with DUI and assault on a peace officer could lead to irreparable damage to her career, as the fashion industry often has a low tolerance for such matters. Furthermore, the legal and financial consequences of such behavior can be significant, with potential fines, loss of driving privileges, legal fees, and jail time being possible outcomes if found guilty.


The legal arrest of a well-known Vogue model and her subsequent struggles with DUI and assault on a peace officer are a powerful reminder of the importance of responsible behavior in all domains of life. Emily Danielle Miller’s career, reputation, and personal life may suffer irreparable damage if convicted. However, her case also emphasizes the importance of responsible behavior and compliance with law enforcement officials in our communities.

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