Will Ivanka Trump Testify at Father’s Fraud Trial? Judge to Decide Friday

The Trump Family’s Legal Troubles: How Civil Fraud Trial Could Impact Their Empire


Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial has taken an interesting turn as the former president, along with his three eldest children, is set to testify in the coming days. The lawsuit, brought forth by New York Attorney General Letitia James, alleges that Trump inflated his wealth on financial statements, which he gave to banks and insurers to secure loans and deals. If successful, the lawsuit could strip Trump of some of his corporate holdings, including properties such as Trump Tower. The case could have significant repercussions on the family’s real estate empire.

Donald Trump’s Testimony

The former president is scheduled to testify on November 6th, following his children’s testimonies. Trump has already denied any wrongdoing and has labeled the trial as a politically motivated “sham.” During the trial, Judge Arthur Engoron has barred participants from publicly discussing court staffers and fined Trump twice for violating that order. Trump’s lawyers paid the fines, and they may appeal the judge’s decision. His testimony will be highly anticipated given the trial’s political implications and potential consequences on Trump’s business empire.

The Testimonies of Donald Trump’s Children

The former president’s eldest children, Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka, are also scheduled to testify in the coming days. The state is calling them first, before the defense has a chance to make their case. The trial is a civil lawsuit, so it only requires a preponderance of evidence, not proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The Trumps may face a difficult time in defending themselves, given the preponderance of evidence against them.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Testimony

Donald Trump Jr. is scheduled to testify on November 3rd. He is a former executive at the Trump Organization and played a significant role in the family business’s operations. His testimony could shed light on the inner workings of the Trump empire.

Eric Trump’s Testimony

Eric Trump is scheduled to testify on November 4th. Like his older brother, he played a significant role in the family business’s operations. He has been involved in various high-profile projects, including the development of Trump’s Doral golf resort near Miami and a Trump-owned hotel and condo skyscraper in Chicago.

Ivanka Trump’s Testimony

Ivanka Trump’s testimony was expected to occur on November 3rd, but her lawyers may appeal to try to block her testimony. The Appeals Court dismissed her as a defendant in the lawsuit in June, citing that the claims against her were too old. However, the New York Attorney General’s office maintains that Ivanka Trump was a key participant in some events discussed in the case. During her years at the Trump Organization, she negotiated and secured financing for various properties. Court filings reveal that Ivanka Trump retained a financial interest in the Trump Organization’s operations even after leaving for the White House, including through an interest in the now-sold Washington hotel. According to federal disclosures from 2021, she reported $2.6 million in income from Trump entities.

The State’s Arguments

The state has argued that all of the Trump children were intimately involved in the Trump Organization’s operations and remain financially and professionally intertwined with the family business. The state lawyers have cited emails and documents showing that the Trump Organization and its staff bought insurance for Ivanka Trump and her businesses, managed her household staff and credit card bills, rented her apartment and paid her legal fees.


The Trump family’s civil fraud trial has significant implications for their real estate empire’s future. With the former president and all three of his eldest children set to testify, the trial could uncover the inner workings of the Trump Organization and reveal potential wrongdoing. New York Attorney General Letitia James’s lawsuit could strip the family of its corporate holdings and marquee properties such as Trump Tower. Regardless of the trial’s outcome, it is clear that the Trumps’ legal woes are far from over.

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