Western Investors Continue to Shift Away from Asian Offices in Portfolio Rebalancing

Western investors remain cautious about Asia amidst promising pan-Asian outlook

The Current State of Investments in Asia

Despite the overall promising outlook for the Asia region in terms of the Office sector, Western investors remain cautious in managing their portfolios. For investors from the US and Europe, the region presents various investment opportunities; however, they are still grappling with reducing their exposure to the area in the current economic climate.

The Undeterred Approach of Western Investors

As the pandemic continues, investors from the US and Europe are working on rebalancing their portfolios to minimize the risk of exposure in the Asia region. However, despite the uncertainties pertaining to the pandemic, the Western investors remain undeterred and continue to look for investment opportunities in the area. They are making strategic moves to avoid overexposure in the region while also capitalizing on its emerging potential.

The Future of Investing in Asia

The Asia region is constantly evolving, with new developments and changes to its economy, policies and business outlook. Despite the continued uncertainty about the future, investors must keep a long-term outlook and remain patient. This is particularly important to secure higher returns from a diversified portfolio. The challenge for Western investors in the current climate is to strike the right balance between investing in the region while also reducing exposure to avoid risk.


The Asia region holds an enormous potential for the Office sector and, despite the pandemic, remains an attractive option for investment. However, Western investors are still cautious about the region, and it is essential for investors to keep a long-term outlook and remain patient. While a cautious approach is necessary, investors must also look for investment opportunities in the region to capitalize on its emerging potential while avoiding overexposure.

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