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  • Equality group seeks retaliation as state adopts Parent’s Bill of Rights

    The Conflict between SB 49 and Title IX: An Opinion Editorial Introduction The recent adoption of SB 49 by more school districts in Western North Carolina has sparked controversy and heated debates. The law prevents kindergarten through fourth-grade teachers from using material related to sexuality and gender identity in schools. However, the Campaign for Southern […] More

  • Supreme Court Takes Up Case to Rule Out Wealth Tax

    The Supreme Court Takes Up the Case of a Washington Couple’s Tax Bill A Test for Never-Enacted Tax on Wealth The United States Supreme Court is set to hear arguments today regarding a case over a Washington couple’s $15,000 tax bill. The case is being seen as a test for a never-enacted tax on wealth. […] More

  • US appeals court rules Trump can be sued over January 6 Capitol attack

    Donald Trump: A Legal Update Trump faces civil lawsuits over his role in Capitol riot A US court of appeals has ruled that former President Donald Trump must face civil lawsuits over his role in the January 6th, 2021 attack on the Capitol Building by his supporters. The ruling rejected Trump’s claim that he was […] More

  • Supreme Court orders Republican leaders in Arizona to give depositions in voting law dispute

    Supreme Court Orders Arizona GOP Leaders to Sit for Depositions in Voting Rights Case Background In Arizona, state laws require proof of citizenship to vote, which civil rights groups have argued is racially discriminatory. After the state’s governor and attorney general refused to defend these laws in court, Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma and Arizona […] More

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    Federal Judge Allows Counting of Incorrectly Dated Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballots – KTAR News

    Pennsylvania Judge Rules Mail-in Ballots Without Accurate Handwritten Dates Must Still be Counted Background The ruling states that mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania without accurate handwritten dates on their exterior envelopes must still be counted if they are received in time, concluding that rejecting such ballots violates federal civil rights law. The decision has implications for […] More