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Bradley Law, the Killer of 13-Year-Old Boy, Back in Broome County Jail


Last New Year’s Day, Bradley Law, a 35-year-old man from Harpursville, struck and killed a 13-year-old boy, Brennan Loveless, in a hit-and-run crash as the child rode his bike home along Route 7 in Sanataria Springs. Following the incident, Law admitted leaving the scene before the authorities arrived.

Outrage Over Plea Deal

Law’s family and Sheriff Fred Akshar vehemently condemned the plea deal, which includes a prison sentence of one and a third to four years for leaving a dying boy on the roadside.

Jail Time and Criminal Contempt Charge

Law has recently been booked into Broome County Jail following a criminal contempt charge. While it is not yet clear what the charge relates to, Law is already facing separate charges of physical harassment and criminal obstruction of breathing stemming from an arrest in June, as well as jail time for missing a court appearance. His sentencing in the Loveless case is set for December 5.

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