EPA Launches Community, Equity, and Resiliency Program through Virtual Open House

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The EPA’s New Community-Based Initiative and Investing in America Agenda

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently launched a new community-based initiative to help communities across the nation mitigate climate change and reduce pollution. This initiative is part of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda. The EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation and Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights has collaborated to provide low-income and disadvantaged communities with financing opportunities and resources to address the ongoing climate crisis.

Community, Equity and Resiliency Webpage

The new initiative aims to provide communities with access to historic resources that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, implement climate action plans, and encourage the reduction of pollution. The Community, Equity and Resiliency webpage provides information on multiple funding opportunities and resources that are available through the EPA’s Investing in America programs. The webpage will facilitate community-driven partnerships and inspire meaningful change to overcome environmental pollution and climate change challenges.

National Virtual Open House

The National Virtual Open House, scheduled for November 6-14, will kick off the new initiative. It will include virtual panels and fireside chats featuring prominent environmental leaders and peers discussing their ideas to overcome environmental pollution and climate change challenges. Panels will cover a range of topics, including rural communities, technical assistance, community-driven change, electric vehicles, inflation reduction act, youth, green jobs, voyage to justice, unincorporated communities, indigenous communities and community engagement. The fireside chats will focus on the effects of heat on black and brown communities and redefining health and equity.

Regional Roadshows

The EPA will also be holding a series of regional roadshows this winter. These will be local in-person events designed to provide opportunities for potential grant applicants and community leaders to explore appropriate Inflation Reduction Act and other new Investing in America funding opportunities and develop or leverage existing community-based partnerships. The roadshows will provide opportunities to account for each community’s unique context and its financial needs to take on climate change and advance environmental and climate justice.

The Importance of the EPA’s New Initiative

The EPA’s new initiative is a significant development in the fight against climate change. It acknowledges that the burden of climate change disproportionately affects low-income and disadvantaged communities. By providing them with financing opportunities and resources to mitigate the crisis, the EPA’s initiative is helping to level the playing field. Through community-driven partnerships, the EPA will empower these communities to access the necessary resources to address climate change and pollution reduction.


Overall, the EPA’s new community-based initiative and Investing in America agenda takes a much-needed step towards addressing climate change and acknowledging the disproportionate effects it has on low-income and disadvantaged communities. The approach of community-driven partnerships facilitates the engagement of communities and leverages their strengths to overcome environmental pollution and climate change challenges. As the initiative continues to develop and expand, it has the potential to create meaningful change across the nation.

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