The new dial interface of the Louis Vuitton LV2 cooperation series built by LV Men's Creative Director Virgil Abloh and Nigo (R) is on the line, and Ouyang Na will take the lead and try the new dial interface, perfect to control the sweet style. The dial design has a "lv Made" cartoon duck pattern, with a lv2 series collage background pattern for tribute nigo (r) iconic design elements. It is equipped with Louis Vuitton Travel, luxury style and creative quality, a new generation of Tambour Horizon smart watch brings a different intelligent coupling experience. Inheriting the excellent genes of the previous representative, the smart watch is included in the new design element, material and hue, and create a wearing experience, functional characteristics and innovative technologies. The new exclusive dial interface is free to switch to create a personalized appearance. Fully digital hive mode reflects the mental core of intelligent technology, digital time-consted dial also decorated with Louis Vuitton iconic pattern as a decorative element - including Monogram pattern and Damier pattern, and even echo Gaston-Louis Vuitton Designed V letters pattern. Each colored texture has been deconstructed, split, and redesigned, and creates a very transparent effect, and it is completed with the Monogram floral pattern.

  Air Jordan 1 can be said to be one of Jordan Brand very popular shoes, and also symbolizes the beginning of Michael Jordan wonderful career, and the classic extent is nothing. Among them, the sought after color color is also the black red, or "UNC" North card blue. The new sports shoes launched by Jordan Brand 85 racer ported Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" color into the 85 racer in the shoe. Jordan 85 racer is presented with classic black, white, red and other color, using mixed leather, translucent grit, patent leather, etc. In addition, because of the 85 RACER's running shoes, it has a lightweight weight, while injecting Cushion Bill Technology and Zoom Air, making the runner feel a good wear experience. Jordan 85 RACER "Chicago" is priced for the $ 100 dollars of the people, and is currently available on the NIKE website.

  Although many beautiful appearances of the entertainment circle are very outstanding, most of them are coming out of the pipeline, many people have a template, so many people have begun to miss Hong Kong stars from the 1980s. They often have a distinctive phase and are very identified. So even if it has been in the past, many of them are still unable to surpass the small flowers. Today, Xiaobian will talk to everyone, and he is called Wenghong. This year's Weng Hong has been 52 years old, but from her, she can see that her body and color value are maintained, and it is not like this age. It looks more like a little girl in the age of 20, the body curve is bumps, and the skin is fair and the face is good. In fact, Weng Hong is famous for the early days, which can also be appreciated that in order to be famous for the traffic. Also unavoidable will be mandated by the company to take some large-scale dramas, but if you are famous, you can return to your name by shackles, Weng Hong is also famous in this way. He only played some large-scale roles in the early days. Once you are famous, you will have fewer contacts. When the young Weng Hong is very good because of the face, and the character is very easy to be close, so it has attracted many men's pursuit, where the ancient president of us is now familiar is one of his many pursuits. Unfortunately, the Weng Hong at that time did not feel emotion against Gu Tianle. I didn't make a statement for his response. The two have been maintaining a friend relationship, and after the Weng Hong is also married to his wife, and the happiness life of the husband. In fact, the female stars in the entertainment circle are often very self-discipline, because they have to maintain their own faces and not aging, so they must be more self-disciplined than ordinary people. In fact, these efforts they make are also effective, and see what weng Hong, who is more than 50 years. Now, he has smashed several streets of the same age, not only more young than the peers, but even can still see the girl's affection. So, if you want to keep the same non-old secret as him, you may wish to start the law, develop your own habits!

  The military drama is a long-lost subject matter, and there is new work every year. Among the many film and television works, some classic film and television works not only sublimate military image, but also highly restore historical plots, let's talk about the five military audiences that are all recognized by the whole network. The fifth place: "Snow Leopard" The drama mainly surrounded by Zhou Weiguo from the article from the rich and anti-Japanese road, forming a Snow Leopard Special War, and eventually growing into an excellent commander's anti-Japanese hero's legendary story. Among them, the peaks who played Zhang Renjie successfully shaped the "ten evil" anti-sentigities, and became the "all net public enemy" after broadcast. The drama was evaluated after the "bright sword", the most successful TV drama of the top theme, and also won the prize of Golden Eagle Award Excellent TV Series. The fourth place: "The human right is the vicissitudes of life" "Human Right is a vicissitudes" is made by the real incident, telling the three people of Yangjia brothers and sister to join the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. Different beliefs . Director Zhang Li followed the history and gave up the inherent way of his own, filling the story throughout the TV drama, narrative with a smooth manner, and did not add any fancy. Therefore, "the crowd is vicissitudes in the world" is also the best in the director of Zhang Li. Third place: "Bright Sword" "Bright Sword" can be said to be a clear flow in the anti-Japanese subject work, he is not a simple story of the military's anti-war scene, and has also added the analysis of the war, fully demonstrating the military literacy of our military soldiers. . After the liberation, Li Yunlong and Zhang Bai Lu's feelings are also the focus of the audience, both of which make the story more coherent, and also let the audience have seen a more complete, more living Li Yunlong, making his image more and full. In the drama, patriotism and heroism, friendship and love, fighting spirit and fighting, and iron bones and tenderness like water crossings. The second place: "Historical Sky" This drama is a long story that is ups and downs, and has run through the history of the anti-Japanese war to the anti-regular period, up to forty years. "Historical Sky" is the most costuated place, probably not excluded the true look of that class struggle. He is highly reduced. At that time, in this turmoil, all classes made their own efforts. First place: "My head of my group" in the TV series of the military theme, the status of the drama is no dramatic, this work dares to call the second, no film and television drama dare to call the first. "My head of my head" told 60 of China's military and civilians to fight Japanese aggressors with a unique perspective. It is cruel, and its desperate is ruthless. It is also because of this desperate and true, giving the audience a very deep impression. Even if it is twisted, it will not feel bored.

  In 2019, the best comics "ghost off blade" is strong, and it is expected that it is expected to launch a home host game this year, it is also announced that it will be announced soon. Netflix. Today, after launching a variety of dolls, "the blade of the ghost" announced that it is about to launch a new type of hot pitting driver, will be the "destruction" word on the ghost killing uniform to the charcoal, will be designed as the design spindle. It is easy to get a "destroy", a trace of "destroy". At present, the "Ghost Oil" has launched a hot pressing driver that has been officially opened in Hobby Stock. It is expected to be officially shipped in July, and you are interested in starting. In addition, you can pay attention to other news: Daniel Arsham Popular Works "ASH

  In the like's entertainment industry, it is no longer talking about works, but who's traffic is the better, the endorsement, the endorsement, and the new drama are the kind of hand. And many old bones are also very helpless, after all, when they are no longer young, they are indeed less and young small flowers. The "actor is in place" this stage is a very good restore and presents an entertainment circle of a real show. "The actor is in place" has to be said that this society is cruel, even if everyone seems to have a bright and beautiful entertainment circle, there is a lot of octogelic acids that are not known. As a actor Ni Hongjie said, his age has arrived at 40 years old, has played a lot of people, 30 Yang Ying's mother, even in the same age, Lu Fang is no exception, it is really very distressed! But in fact, this stage is not only a very real market that we present the actors, and the young woman is on the verge of moving. Even the little flower of the five sweet pet women who appear in the red, it is still ranking in the "actor, place 2"! It is really very narrow to the inclusiveness of the market for the actors, and netizens have a true evaluation of this. The female master of the five sweet pets, Sun Qian, I believe that many small friends know that this person is Sun Qian, but also a very sad age compared to Ni Hongjie. In fact, Sun Qian is a 95, which can be said is a very young power flower. I have already played a lot of works in the past years! The most popularity is still the five sweet pets of her starring "I will take my brother", "Meng doctor sweet wife", "we pick up our", "lady flutter", "I am waiting for you in the future" . However, many people are also "picking up our", they really realize Sun Qian! But these five sweet pets, whether it is a very famous "quick way to take me", or the remaining four parts of the well-made, the score on a petal is quite good, when everyone thinks so good Sun Qian, plus a young flower, there will be a good grade in "actor 2" ... After 95, the little flower and grandchildren in the "actor, please in place 2" market rating middle pad Sun Qian Very unexpected bottom, maybe this is the ideal and reality will always have the truth of the gap. After all, the performance of Sun Qian in the sweet pet is quite good, and the value is also recognized, but in "actor 2". It is directly under the bottom, and I still have a certain blow for her. After all, if you rank the bottom, then it means that Sun Qian lost its choice, what is more crash than this? I am afraid that it is not. Because the actor's archer is in the last time, the actress on the field will only have two grandchildren and small color flags. Contrast the child star, and then there is a small color flag of the work, Sun Qian is also confident. After all, I am also a person who has played five small sweets. Yuan Xiangqin, who played "The Kiss of the Prank", can be said to be a piece of dish! The heart also feels that I will choose Yuan Xiangqin, but Sun Qian is a good one. Not only the character of the heart is taken away by the small color flag, but also becomes an actress in the bottom, and lost the option. Sun Qian, the market rating, when interviewed, although it is not on the scene, but we will not rank and competition in life, even if you have not taken the last one, you can understand the kind of lonely and disappointed it in your heart. ? After all, Sun Qian is also a popular actor who has played five sweet pet women, but in the "actor 2", it was miserable. Xiaobian is uncomfortable! It is not necessary to say that Sun Qian at the time. In the interview, Sun Qian is also crying and crying, and it seems that it seems to face a real market, picking up the script you like. It's still a bit distressed when I see the tears of Sun, there is still some distressed! It can be seen that when she is a real market, she will still be sad. But this wave of operation is also a little bit of a small series. Is it not a popular little flower in the market? But the evaluation of this netizen is bright, I have to say it too real! Netizen's evaluation of this matter is too real in the ranking of Sun Qian's place in "actor 2". The evaluation of netizens is quite true. First, it is that Sun Qian has not received the market's recognition, even if it is a female main drama. Heat, usually no hotspots and news, as a new person in sweet pet, no traffic and heat is not good, the drama is not confused, the strength of the power, the grandson can't say such evaluation, not only sharp and true. Although the director of Holongsheng is still less than still, it is still very authentic! And more netizens don't know Sun Qian! Really don't worry too much, and I feel a lot of acting. It is a buds in the actress of the actress for many years. Sun Qian is also a company that has not been holding red for several years. However, Sun Qian still has an advantage! Netizens praise her face recognition! And Xiaobian also felt that the act of Sun Qian's acting in the same batch is still very good! I look forward to seeing the new Sun Qian after the "actor 2"! The above is the full content of the article! What do you want to say about Sun Qian's ranking? Welcome to the comment area message discussion.