In August 2020, Cheng Yi's Si Shufeng accused of spending with us, 2020 National Day, Cheng Yi's Li Yan spent the same, October 3, "Meng Xi Changan" crew held the first meeting in Hengdi, Cheng Yi, Han Chengyu and other actors have come, the scene of the scene is even more water, can be seen after "glazed", there is more popularity of Cheng Yi and others, now Cheng Yi has borrowed the red, back His resources will not be too bad, and more and more grateful fruits will continue to go with him, but today we have to say is not the future of Chengyi, but to send a success for everyone. Archaeological pictures, this is a picture you have not seen. When Xiaobian saw it for the first time, the two hands in the end of the end were gone. This is the official Hengdian Marathon on 2019, "Glass" is taken last year, which is very likely that the marathon participated in this time. He is still very handsome, and the frequent sunglasses often have been Accompanying Cheng Yi, in order to sunscreen, Cheng Yi will also protect measures to the arm, but this is the protection measures to hide the hand, if you accidentally misplace, you will think that the hand of Cheng Yi is gone, except Cheng Yi, from the marathon, our Liu Big Ge Han Cheng Yu also participated, you watch the brand of "glazed" in front of them, perhaps everyone participated, such physical activity is actually destroyed by Liu Xueyi Some strange, after all, his physical strength is still very confident. Nowadays, "Wake up Chang'an" is oryte, I don't know if I have finished the drama, if I have to enter the "Nan Feng Zhizhi", I have played so many costume dramas, Cheng Yi finally wants to re- Start playing modern drama, think about it is still quite expected.


  Recently, the Medicom Toy BE @ Rbrick series launched a new Swarovski version of Hello Kitty doll. This doll is created by Swarovski Crystal, which provides a super luxury configuration, providing 400% size, and restores the classic shape of Hello Kitty, in a blue legs, with its iconic red bow, additional, fine playful The portrait of the detail of the beard and black eyes is formed with a clear contrast, the absorber effect is full. Currently, Swarovski version Hello Kitty Be @ rbrick doll has landed in Selfridge, and the price is $ 6,350.

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  Furla's new Little Cats capsule series, inspiration comes from "Maneki Neko", and people generally call it a lucky cat or believe that it can bring wealth and good luck. Little Cats Capsule series bags have cats with cats and printers, and the image is embarrassed. This series includes mini chain packages in the Furla 1927 classic series, zipper card packs with Messenger bags. All the series of all-package models use textured calfs and two colors of gem red and candy powder. The unique creativity of "Money Cat" is not only injecting the Furla Little Cats Capsule series, but also adding a touch of "anti-difference" to the daily match. The Furla Little Cats Capsule series is only available in mainland China, China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and Japan, which is now officially launched in all store stores and online malls.

  NOAH is more demanding for clothing manufacturing than other similar brands. In addition to designing new, in addition to design, the pursuit of material and quality is also well known. Previously, NOWRE also introduced some new capwats, but due to Nissan, high-priced "factors and the ultimate pursuit of materials, many items were quite high, but accompanied by discount season, now they can buy NOAH High quality choice. Madras Wool Hoodie | Via Noahnoah, this Madras Wool Hood, has been introduced in detail in NOAH official website, manufactured by 100% woolen materials, manufactured in Italy; this sweater uses four-way compared to ordinary wool single products. Knitting techniques, it is possible to have excellent extensive comfort without spandex. At that time, many friends were eager to start, but the price of $ 628 was very inconvenient. Now it is the most cost-effective choice after discounting to $ 298. If you like high quality items, it is time to start Madras Wool Hoodie. Current price: $ 298 (original price of 628 US dollars) start channel: Noahoverdyed Double-Snap Hoodie | Via Noah Many friends have a pursuit of heavy cotton items, OVERDYED DOUBLE-Snap Hoodie is your non-selection. 598g heavy cotton per square meter is much higher than the common cotton weight, and the visual effect after custom dye printing is superior. In addition, the double button design is highlighted in the neckline, and the Nissan process guarantees the superior quality. Offering price: 228 US dollars (original price of $ 428) start channel: NOAH two single items have received much attention during the beginning, in fact, due to price reasons, many friends hesitate. Nowadays, the discount price is not described without having to repeat, regardless of whether it is designed or quality angles. Of course, there are still many preferred options in the NOAH discount sector, you may wish to go to detail.

  The Foundation Knight Holy Blade recently officially opened a new role that was about to debut, this role is very interesting, his identity is a swordsman in the ancient water, and the actor who has been playing is still playing the adventure blue, below Bring specific detailed information and specific instructions. Special Hero OB: Three Three Real History will appear next week, "False Knight Saber"! In the 7th words broadcast on October 18 (Sunday), there will be a new actor debut! As the three real history of "special hero ob", decided to play the previous generation of "Swordsman"! I played the most popular Cang Tai / adventure in the "Bang" (2006), and won popular, in recent years, as popular actors have also attracted attention. The Tangqiao Communic to the Black Swordsman ("Folli Knight 555" / 2003, "Warrior Swordsman" / 2009), the actors who have a hero work from the special hero have once again taken the "Falun Knight Saber" The actor starred. In this film, the role played in the third is a swords who belong to the sword of the world balanced organizational Truth. Changling Qianxin. Now? Water Swordsman? New Tang Tailang / Male Knight Jianfeng, from the small guidance, is the Swordsman of Lunlang, 15 years ago, was knocked down by the magist cadres, unfortunately lost Life. In the next 7th words, Qiexin debut in the recall scene of Lunlang! In this drama, vowed to be Master? Qianxin avengeous Lunlang may be able to defeat the enemy? Zuus, this is also a big point of this drama. Determined to connect the blue spirit! The six-year-old special hero works playing adventure blue in the "Bracing Team Adventurer", and this time I also play the Swordsman of Water, and the three of the Knights of the Qing Dynasty. He is full of stunning, "received me as The story of the predecessor water, the story of the Knights of the Qingzhi, very happy. Crossing 14 years, I can connect the blue will to the flyback knight, I am very honored to this, " Exceeding the joy of the blue hero! At the same time, he also shows that he must play a good determination, because it is now, so in order to face the intensive sense of responsibility, it is still quite strong, and has been in recent years. Especially like to let the Actors of the next hatch, such as the future knight in the king, there are also various cultivation of the stem in 01, the special team basically all runs to the flyer knight shed. The previous generation of the previous Master Blue or the Master Blue, who once appeared in the power of the Ghost Ghost, Dongdao mother now like to play this set?

  AAPE 猿 字 印 加 加 加 货 货 号 号 价格 级 级 价格 价格 价格 价格 价格 价格 价格 价格 价格 级 级 级 价格 价格 级 价格 级 级 级 级 级 级 级 级 价格 级 级 级 级 级 官 官 官 级 价格 官 官 官 官 官 价格 价格 官 价格 官 官