Cheng Yi to participate in the news of "running male" recording, I believe everyone has received it. Recently there are many "running men" road lights, today we will come and see the "running men" Which clothes are wearing it, they are recorded in just a few days, and the clothes in the suits are still a lot, green leather peacock, white blouse, white blouse, is neighborhood big brother when wearing a blue jacket. This recording, everyone discovered that the private service of Cheng Yi really looks well, the weather is very good, the sun is high, the temperature will not be too high, the symprus standing under the sun, the whole person glows, and he The whole person looks so good, it feels that the kind of child who follows Dad to travel, in Lenovo's "glass" footage, this is simply two extremes, I really hope that the show is broadcast, we It can see the picture that is released from Fu Chicang. The green jacket and blue sprints really look well, it is very lined with his skin, and these two colors are very uncomfortable, but they are so simple and nice, and he also puts themselves. Handling inside the sleeve, this is a peerless little cute, Xiaobian believes that when the "running man" is officially launched, the fans of Chengyi will scream before the screen. The white blouse inside is also a good feeling, this can't help but think that the one in the Hengdian likes to wear flowers, who can think of this man is 30 years old, Huan Rui really likes to hide the artist Thirty years old, then let go of a stunning viewer, harvest countless fans. After the completion of "running male", "Wake up Chang'an" is also to kill it, and the "Qian Dynasty" of Liu Xueyi has also been killed. I don't know if the two people rest will not go out. Playing, after all, two are old cadres' mentality.


  The female one (Yao Mu Xi) in the "Signal Signal" program is a perfect person, not only good value, there is "small week, winter rain", the family is also very unique, live near Shanghai Bund, sweet appearance and voice, In the scene, I captured the hearts of the three boys. Such a big moderator scriptures have never been questioned. In the eyes of many viewers, she is indeed similar to Zhou Dongyu, but the value is still far from the difference, and the three boys are not dead to her, and their two girls are not bad, while temperament and character are Jia's three (Zheng Qin heart), but no one chooses to make people feel very outrageous. In contrast, the character is indeed boring, or the age is still small, lacking a lot of experience, talking about the deep topic, every time I answer the end of "um,", there is no female two (Zhong Peiyu) Talking, there is no sophisticated attribute, the first look is not bad, but the time is long, it is inevitable. In addition, there are a lot of dices, intentionally guide the audience, and I feel that it is a white rich person. When someone else to live, the female answered the Bund, the average person will consciously think that her family will be very rich, but there are very few Shanghai people will answer this question, most of them answers which area. As for this, it is a parent-tire Solo, it's the benevolent people, this situation does existently existed, whether there is no such thing in the marketing at first love. In addition, all kinds of moves are also very ineffective, seat, bed, and gifts have always been her first choice. The appearance is soft and weak, but it is particularly strong, so others will discuss, women will not choose someone directly. Opportunity, you must be her. Just, even if there is a lot of lenses, the first two sessions are almost half of the space, it is her lens, or she and the male two, either it is to be with the man, the other people's lens Less, the show that is long and long, has become "Hi Xi's signal", and even most of the advertisements are also her. The intention of the program group is very obvious, giving people feeling is to hold her. The most important thing is that the people have a feeling of recognition. With the same way as Chen Yuchen in the previous season, the same routine, with a large male script, the long phase is very handsome, known as Tang Bao boy, people see people love, brilliant Three girls will be dated one day. Different, his emotional business is not inferior, no matter who is getting along with anyone, such a boy is simply a TV series. However, such a person, after the show, it completely collapsed. He learned his performance, and he was questioned by netizens to make it. He resolutely denied it, but as he promoted, he also signed a brokerage company, equipped with the relevant team, and began to prepare for the debut. Then, it is also exposed to Zhang Tian's recording, and the two have been separated together, but it is said that the name of the slag men is sitting in order to deal with the means. In this context, the identity of the audience is very cautious. Worried that his true feelings have been disappointing, such a tragedy repeatedly repeated the same mistake, so the season of this season, the majority of netizens will conduct a comprehensive investigation of the people. Sure enough, the identity of the female one is not simple. She once filled the song "Way Back Home" MV, and the singer Hu Meng Zhou sang, adapted from the English version of "Way Back Home" singing from South Korea Shaun. Not only that, she also starred in the Internet drama "Li Tianteng and Zhao Xiaobao 3", but this TV series is not hot, the audience has no impression, but it is undeniable that a feet have already stepped into the entertainment industry. This program is Perhaps it is her springboard. As long as the show is hot, there is a certain name, and it is easy to make a way. And after the show, the female one who was originally working in Chengdu, returned to Shanghai, it would be inevitable that she is in order to participate in this program, so I have a job in Chengdu. In the case of rumors, the female took a dance video, and saw that the netizen questioned "Sure enough to be a", the female is angry "," Just jumping a dance, I want to make, you think too much Rich, "Some people directly ask" I heard that you have signed the company, participate in the show is for the exhibition ", the female is speaking speechless, a face is asked." Who said, I don't know " . Just thinking that there may be misunderstandings to this, saying that the female participation in the program is really not to be evident. Some netizens took a dialogue. In January this year, there is a fan like her. I like you, I like you, do actors, don't waste, "she gives the reply," there is learning " It can be seen that she did not abandon the dream of the actor, and the words that were probably denied were smoke bombs. After all, this face of this face is countless. I want to take a love show, I am not a very sensible behavior, after all, more and more love shows, there is a pseudo behavior, not the program has a script, it is for people, being deceived many times. The audience will not be so simple. As for those artists who really want to deal, it will be spit with the shortcuts of any way.

  Cecilia Cheung's three births challenged "Nurse Nenevernesses", open the jacket, show the abdominal muscles, this is really 39 years old? I don't know if you have recently paying attention to Cecilia Cheung. Recently, she took the photo and video of the little son on the public social platform. I can see a lot of the big son's height, and there is no previous like to interact with the lens, may be the child After all, it is a boy, so I don't want to play with my mother, but I will not be alone as my mother, because I have the old two. In fact, for many netizens, I feel that the most handsome is the boss, the most like Nicholas Tse, and after seeing the second two, I found out that he is a real treasure boy, whether it is temperament or a five senses. My brother, it is simply turning the version of Nicholas Tse, the child is still small, there is such a temperament, I have to say that my father's gene is really powerful. However, when I saw Cecilia Cheung and my child's photo, I suddenly felt that my mother was the most admired, and it was too beautiful to wear a swimwear. We all know that there is not long after Cecilia Cheung's child, but the body can restore such a high level, it is really a lot of girls envy. 39-year-old Cecilia Cheung looked like a girl, wearing a umbilical dress, but also casually opened the jacket, and the big squadroned his belly muscles, it was too powerful, and three children can have such a good state. I can't really don't worry. But we can't help but sigh after reading, the self-control ability of the star is really strong. Such a body can be restored in such a short period of time, and the average person may be difficult to do. And after giving birth, it is really going to be based on rest, and how can you exercise so fast? I can't help Zhang Cecai here. And I saw Cecilia Cheung's instantaneous moment, many netizens said: Is she really 39? In fact, think about it, many stars are really like frost age, as if the years have not left traces. Of course, there are some netizens that they should guide everyone to lose weight, so that their heat should be higher, then for this state, I don't know what kind of view?

  Kreafunk "Danish Audio Brand" has always adhered to the warmth of the Nordic Nordic designs, combining the fairy tale romance and the modern artistic sense. Recently, Kreafunk launched a new "Kreafunk Care" environmental protection series, which conveys the minimalistic concept of life insisted on. The series of special environmental materials, each product replaces 35% of plastics with environmentally friendly wheat straw fibers, which is made of renewable resources, not only adding new features in the design, but also retains comfortable Hand feel. In addition, Kreafunk also cooperated with Danish Textile Gabriel to regenerate the metal grille by a regenerative polyester fiber made of 98% recovered plastic bottle. It is reported that the new Kreafunk Care environmental protection series has been placed by the official store of Kreafunk.

  Air Jordan 1 has entered a strong brushing stage in recent years, and more mid-help MID new products have also present people's exciting color. In front of this, the Air Jordan 1 MID GS that is about to be released in the near future uses a white shoe body with a gray, orange dress, quite a sense of hindrance. The whole is suitable for the elegant dress of the early spring, and it is undoubtedly the streets and beautiful scenery.

  Do you have an object? I think many people are most afraid of their families asking this question, but the single dog, oh is not right, the single fairy is not afraid, there is always a person, will bring Wang Si Cong's home and Peng Yuxi's face, come to welcome the right ? If he has not yet been estimated to be robbed in other people, you have a love in the novel, and you often have the love of the male and female. What is it coming today? A restricted-level Korean erotic love literary film "My PS partner", please look at this film here, this film is not "Photoshop" familiar to the audience, but I can't give you The molar legs are able to make your left hand right hand to consume strong physical strength. For example, the man's male is more than 30 or Tong Yan's pool city uncle sauce. PS is a short written by Phone Sex. It is from the female owner from the film. This pass is that the phone is originally called her legs, but she presses the last number to send the last number to the pool of the city. Welfare, the pool of the phone received the phone is recalling that the water milk that once and his girlfriend is blended, and the brain found that this wave did not lose, until the end of her performance pool city is weak, I asked a sentence "You are Who? "? At the screen, Xiaobian can feel the quiet embarrassment and anger, this, the pool city and Yun Jing have established a telephone number of the phone to spit each other and the revolutionary" Friendship "of the former girlfriend is 引 引? Because the length is so big, Xiaobian has never seen such a large-scale "friendship", no matter what to talk, you can always complain about "X", and the boyfriend actually gave himself to the fun underwear, a forehead kiss, two people Come on the love of the fantasy? Chi City thinks that the girlfriend is tearing to his nephew. When you tear the love, you will play a pass of PS to comfort, and you have to play the song. Pure people have a red ear, but still can't say that these two people "Friends, the lovers are not full" are sorry SHE, although the three views match, the meat combination, but they have not said to each other "I love you." I love you "This mulled virtue, let the boyfriend and the ex-girlfriend of the male two girls and the ex-girlfriend we have more to fight. So, what is the boyfriend to pay attention to the 允 买 大 大 戒 婚 婚 买 买 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给Also had no future male N cry and crying, and the pool city, they all got the accompanying companionship of their feelings that they had to save, but they did not have any necessary, their respective life is really In the 1% probability of "After breaking up after breaking"? Their two days and nights are really only the name of "Friendship", so, say, what is pure, do not bring a silky yu The male and female relationship is reading this little fairy gave the men's girlfriends.

  For the majority of young actors, the popularity, traffic looks bright, actually but is a virtual name, does not represent real status. The film that can be played in the industry is not the same, and it is not too much to use a angle. Of course, I want to enter the name of the magazine. I can't do anything, color value, acting, and eye. As one of the "three major directories" in the Mainland, Zhang Yimou's movie is always paying attention. In recent years, he can say that it is quite high-yield, but unfortunately, the stock is too late to be delayed. This "cliff", "rock-solid", "one second" has not been scheduled, and another side of the new film from him is officially filmed, named "The most cold gun." According to the storytelling, this film is the story of the sniper, and it is based on the true real thing. War theme, the main melody large piece plus Zhang Yimou's dominant name, really thinking that it is difficult to pay attention, the news will trigger the hot discussion of netizens. Although "the most cold gun" just started to stand up, the angle of angle, when booted, but there is a "grab war" that has nothing to smoke has a "grab war". It is necessary to pay attention to this film is a veritable "big male main film", and shaped is a hero of the image, and which is the actor does not move? It is not easy to participate in Zhang Yimou's movie, and the men's one is more difficult. Although the "gang" is very dazzling, the identity of "Men" is also unable to meet. In the face of such an attractive opportunity, the children rushed to "饼" in the expectation, Mao Yi refers to it. It is a rare big cake that has become a rare big cake, but not everyone is suitable for this role. According to the spoiler, the owner is only 21 years old, which gives the age standard to the card. The first-line middle box office appeal is unquestionable, but the age is completely incompatible, and it is difficult to get the tenderness. In this case, only the one-five-year-old children will only have a small life, and if you leave personal preferences, you don't talk about it, it is not a small number. The first thing that thought is that Liu Yuran, the "11th file" that is about to go, has two movies, and the box office and reputation have been win-win. Wu Lei is a child star, and the nationality and the audience are good. Nowadays, the men's 18 have returned to the temperament of the green and the temperament, and the previous filming "shadow" and the director have cooperated; Chen Feiyu is the big director Chen Kaige The two son, an offense is the male protagonist of the stars; Chen Xingxu is very popular among the "Eastern Palace", the shape and strength are very good; the four brothers don't have to say, in "Youth's" You "Wonderful performance Available, I won the Golden Image Award and the Baihua Awards. For fans, if you like a movie, you can play Zhang Yimou naturally, it is fine. However, the majority of netizens have different opinions, and the number of tickets that support pure new people has taken more than half. The idea of ??the audience is very understanding, saying that new people are new, and they can bring different surprises. Furthermore, Zhang Yimou's gold signboard is enough, and there is no need for small fresh meat that is negligible traffic contribution box office. Recalling the movies of Zhang Gui's previous year, he will find that he is actually very loved to use unknown newcomers. When the 10th year of Zhou Dongyu starred in "Hawthorn Tree Love", Sad Yu is a small transparent without any work, leaning against this film; there is also Qin Junjie, participating in the "Municipality of Gold A" Only fifteen years old, with Zhou Yunfa, Gong Li, Zhou Jielun and other big names. It turns out that the eyes of the big director are not generally poisonous, and the two children are now alone, and there is no shortage of representatives. "The Cold Gun" is undoubtedly a good resource that is highly eye-catching. Everyone wants a famous actor to be in place or have no experience without a well-known person? Regardless of the male one, who is the final flower, only expecting the script to have a high-level good film to the audience.